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Modular Wall Mounted Tool Storage Solution

Keeping small tools within easy reach is a really important for workshop efficiency. Our modular wall mounted system of folded steel racks allows punches, drill bits, burrs and countersinks to be stored on wall racks above any work bench. The racks can be easily made using a sheet metal brake and simple hand tools. We've incorporated dimple dies in some of our racks to add a bit of stiffness (and they look cool!). Only a minimal amount of spot welding, TIG or MIG, is needed to join the folded sections of each rack together.

We use our racks for storing regular drill bits, step drills, centre drills, punches and cardbide burrs. These racks are fun to make and will definitely increase the efficiency of your workshop.

Check out our YouTube Channel. We've uploaded a comprehensive video showing how we make our modular tool holders . Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more of our videos.

Modular Wall Mounted Storage for Small Tools

Tool holders in position on wall rack

Carbide Burr Holder

A holder for carbide burrs

Selection of Tool Holders

Tool holders removed from wall rack

Drill and Countersink Holder

Holder for centre drills and countersinks

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