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Upcycled Clock

We love to create simple, fun designs that can be made using hand tools in the home workshop. We often look to up-cycle discarded items to give them a new lease of life.

One of our favourites is the clock shown on this page. It’s a simple build from an old rear truck brake rotor/drum and used spark plugs. The clock is powered by a quartz battery mechanism and uses 18-gauge steel hands. A mount for the mechanism was fabricated from 18-gauge steel and TIG welded into the brake rotor. Several coats of clear lacquer bring out the patina and wear on the piece which must have covered tens of thousands of miles in its previous life.

Workshop Upcycled Clock

This clock is made from a truck brake rotor and uses spark plugs to mark the 5 minute intervals

Spark Plugs

The spark plug markers are installed in tapped holes drilled in the brake rotor. Brake rotor steel is quite soft so the drilling and tapping operations are straightforward

Clock Mechanism

A battery quartz clock mechanism is installed between steel sheet mounts welded to the brake rotor

Clock Hands

Clock hands are made from spray-painted steel sheet cut to shape

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