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Air Hose Reels


Storing air hoses when not in use can be awkward in a small shop. We have come up with a compact solution that stores two hoses on the end of a bench. Using our favourite upcycling materials of pallet wood and offcuts of ply we have designed simple reels that securely hold an air hose and are lightweight but robust. The main backplate was cut from 12mm ply using a circle cutting jig on a band saw, a smaller reinforcing central boss was also cut using the same jig. A Forstner bit was used to drill through the centre of each reel and a 12mm ID steel tube was epoxied into each reel. The reels rotate on 12mm bolts and are secured with nylock nut.

The mounting posts are made from an upright and brace cut from pallet wood and ply respectively, the outer plates are cut from ply and with the outer edge radiuse on the bandsaw circle cutting jig to match the diameter of the backplate. All reel parts are screwed and glued and the reels are mounted on a upright cut from pallet wood. The reels are finished with a marine varnish and the pallet wood parts with teak oil.


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