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You can access our plans and other downloads from the this page. Check back regularly, we're always adding more. Our kart plans can be downloaded directly from the page here or from www.electric-go-kart.co.uk where you'll find lots of information on how to build the kart. Our plans are free to download but if you're inclined you can make a small payment for them on our Ejunkie page or via the Donate button at the top of this page. Let us know how you get on building your kart.

Electric Kart Plans

Plans to download at www.electric-go-kart.co.uk

Visit our popular kart building site where you will find comprehensive plans for an electric go-kart. You'll find links below to download plans along with lots of info about making the kart

Kart Plans to Download

Kart 3D PDF

Interactive 3D PDF showing full kart assembly

Download our 3D PDF model of the kart. This interactive file lets you zoom and rotate a digital model of the kart - a great tool for understanding how the kart goes together.

3D PDF to Download

Plans Preview and Direct Download links

You can preview our free kart plans by following the link below. Don't forget that you can also download a 3D PDF digital model of the kart, this is a great aid in understanding how the kart goes together. Follow the links on this page to visit our kart building site.

The link below will take you directly to our Ejunkie page where you can download the kart plans. By downloading the kart plans you accept our Terms and Conditions as set out in our privacy policy and terms & conditions page.
Kart Plans - Direct Download

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