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HWM Designs sets out to create unique pieces, often from recycled material, that are useful around the workshop or home. We aim to provide inspiration, ideas and plans that can be used directly or modified to suit your own work. We like all avenues of creativity, particularly hot rods, rat rods and custom motorcycles. We create digital images that we hope you'll find useful in your own web designs and social media pages. We link through HWM Designs social media to lots of other designers and makers - join the community today, it's an endless source of great ideas and 'how to' information. You'll find links at the bottom of our pages.

In our fast paced, information rich age, it's incredibly good for the mind and soul to step back, take time and create things with your own hands. We hope you enjoy visiting our site, check back often - we're always adding new ideas.

All the best


HWM Designs

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