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The simple air tool rack we've designed fits on the end of any work bench and is very easy to make. Using 40mm angle section (3mm thick), notches were cut to match the size of the air connector attached to the tools. We prefer to use the PCL XF size connecting system, it gives better air flow than standard connectors so our slots are cut to match. Depending on the type of air tools it is straightforward to work out the spacing required to avoid the tools interfering with each other when they are removed or placed in the rack. Our slots are spaced at 70mm centres. The rack is welded to the bench end-cap.

There are many similar designs on the web for air tool storage but we've added an extra feature. Across the end of the air connectors we have installed a removeable safety rod to prevent the tools being knocked out of the rack when working on the bench. You will see that the rack is set below the bench height to prevent longer work pieces that might overlap the end of the bench from catching the connectors. The safety rod provides an added level of security preventing the tools falling if knocked.


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