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Machine Vice

This useful machine vice was made from a section of discarded 'I' beam steel joist. It has proved its worth in the HWM Designs workshop. It is designed to fit small and medium size drill presses and is also useful on the bench to hold parts during tack welding and assembly. This is a great up-cycling project, you can often find discarded lengths of steel 'I' beam joist (or Rolled Steel Joist (RSJ) as it is also called) in building site waste (please seek permission before taking anything).

Utilising one half of the 'I' Beam section, to create a 'U' section, the body of the vice is easliy cut using a cutting disc on an angle grinder. All the other parts are cut from the 'T' Beam and are hand finished using files and flap wheel grinding discs to bring them to the required size. The moving jaw nut holder box is welded to the jaw plate and has channel sections that locate under the central guide rail to maintain jaw alignment. Very few additional parts are needed to complete the vice, just a number of counter-sunk allen bolts, threaded rod and matching tube to complete the handle. Making your own tools is incredibly statisfying, this vice can be used to hold material to make further tools for your workshop.

Check out our YouTube Channel. We've uploaded a comprehensive video showing how to assemble the machine vice. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more of our videos.

Machine Vice Resting on Steel 'I' Beam

The finished vice and the steel 'I'beam section it was made from


The section of steel 'I'beam joist with the first cuts made to create the body of the vice

Vice Parts Ready for Finishing

All the parts of the vice completed and ready for final finishing and paint before assembly

Completed Vice

Painted and fully assembled, the vice is ready for use

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