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Moxon Vice

Every workshop needs a Moxon Vice. This simple bench mounted vice can be used for many wood working tasks and can create considerable clamping force to hold work pieces very securely. The fixed jaw is aligned to the bench edge, this allows for longer work pieces to be clamped vertically, a particulary useful feature for cutting dovetails and other joints. Boards and long section material can be clamped horizontally allowing for a wide range of working positions. Our vice was made from 1" thick heavily seasoned cedar wood (the piece we used had been in our workshop for at least 8 years and was free from warps and shakes). Any flat 1"- 1.5" thick timber will work, but with a preference for hardwoods.

All the hardware was made in our workshop. 16mm threaded rods are used with a split pin and plate arrangement (bottom right photo), designed so that the outer outer jaw moves with each turn of the rod, much like a conventional engineers' vice. Captive nuts are welded to plates that are attached to the fixed jaw to provide the anchor points for the threaded rods.

The base plate of the vice allows it to be clamped to a bench edge with two G-clamps and it can be stored away when not in use freeing up valuable bench space. Check out our YouTube Channel. We've uploaded a comprehensive video showing how to assemble the Moxon vice. Don't forget to subscribe for more of our videos.

Moxon Vice Clamped to Bench

G-Clamps used to hold the Moxon Vice to the edge of the workbench

Split Pin Location

A split pin through the threaded rod allows the front jaw to move both in and out as the threaded rod is turned

Close-up of Vice Hardware

Vice hardware is made from steel with an oil-blackened finish

Clamping a Long Work Piece

The rear jaw of the vice aligns with the bench edge allowing long work-pieces to be clamped vertically

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