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Drill Storage Solution

We are always looking for storage solutions to keep our tools in good condition and also to optimise every inch of space in our workshop. This simple wall bracket, made from offcuts of 12mm ply, will hold any design of cordless drill securely when not in use. The bracket attaches to the wall and has a hinged top that locks using a spring loaded pin. Once the drill is placed in the wall bracket the hinged top is closed and the spring loaded pin engages holding the drill firmly in place.

This design can be adapted to suit the dimensions of different maufacturers drills. It's a simple project that can be built in a couple of hours using hand tools and will free up space under benches where power tools are normally stored. Check out our short YouTube video


Wall-Mounted Drill Holder

Holder in position on workshop wall

Drill Holder Release Pin

A spring loaded pin locks the top cover closed

Drill Holder - Open

Top cover of drill holder open

Drill Holder - Closed

Top cover of drill holder locked closed

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