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Air Line Station

Air tools are a must for any metalwork shop but to work properly they need dry lubricated air. However, to spray paint or inflate tyres, the air must not have any traces of lubricating oil and must still be dry. We have taken a commonly available wall mounted air filter, water trap, regulator and lubricator and split the device to allow air to be taken from an outlet after the regulator and water trap and before the lubricator. This air can be used for paint spraying and other applications that require dry, oil free air. The second outlet allows air to be delivered after it has picked up oil from the lubricator, this can be used to run die grinders, air drills and cut-off wheels that require lubrication.

The whole set-up is mounted on a 4mm steel plate, drilled to accept munsen ring fittings that support copper connecting pipes. All joints are soldered in the pipework and the fittings required to connect the PCL XF couplings are easy to source on-line. It is very important that the construction and assembly is to a high standard to ensure the overall system is safe and free from air leaks.

You'll see some NHRA logos around our workshop, we have no commercial association with NHRA but love to watch Top Fuel Funny Cars and Dragsters. A truly extreme sport both from an engineering perspective and as a viewing spectacle. Check out the NHRA at https://www.nhra.com/nhra

Wall Mounted Air Line Station

The Air Line Station has outlets for dry air and for dry, oiled, air for tools that need lubrication

Soldered Copper Pipe Connections

The drying unit, oiler and air line connections are joined using short runs of copper pipe

Munson Ring Fittings

Brass Munson Rings are used to attach the pipework to the steel baseplate

Elbow Connectors

Elbow connectors join the PCL XF female outlet couplings

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